Monday, July 27, 2009

Make Money eBay Guide

The overall presentation of the auction item will vary depending on the item. Even within an auction section or sub-category you will find a wide variety of presentations.
This article is intended to teach you step by step how to present your ebay auctions. Presentation is key in making money with online auctions! they will teach you how to set up your ebay auction to sell and make you funds. leave us comments, questions, or success stories so that they can improve this guide.
make money ebay
In your research you need to focus in on eBay members who have a track record of success selling the kind of item you plan to auction. You will know that by looking at their past auctions.
Now, a quantity of the auctions you will find to be sophisticated. Don’t worry about that now as you are coming up with ideas for your first auction. there's templates you can use on your auctions supplied by eBay for a minimal fee. As you gain experience, you can learn how to use your own templates or design your own presentations using HTML if you pick, but for now that is down the road a bit and is a way to add polish to your auction. The bottom line is still in the words and pics you present.
An eBay member who gets into a groove of auctioning the same or similar kinds of items will have a similar presentation we use again and again. The message here is, when you find something that works keep using it.
What to Look for in the Overall Presentation of an eBay AuctionThe overall presentation of an auction is about its layout. The layout includes:
* The general page layout
* The fonts – the font faces (types of fonts), the font sizes, and the color of the fonts
* The pics – how plenty of, sizes of the pics, and where those pics are placed on the auction page * The template and/or background colors

Font Faces

Your font face selections should be kept to the basic fonts:
* Ariel
* Times New Roman
* Courier New
* Vedanta
* Comic Sans MS
Generally speaking, these fonts will be supported in every computer on the planet that uses English so the visitor that comes to the auction will see the auction the way it was meant to be seen and not substitute another font for some extraordinary font selected. As well these fonts are generally easy to read.
it is not unusual to see two font face for the headline and another for the body of the sales copy, as this draws attention without being overwhelming.
Larger fonts are also used to sell to members whose eyesight might not be cool. So, items targeted to seniors often have a larger font throughout the presentation.
Font SizesThe larger font sizes are used for headlines and sub-headlines. Larger fonts generate emphasis and draw attention for the eye to view.

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