Monday, July 27, 2009

Make Money Online - Real Life Example of Affiliate Programe

Before they get started with developing your affiliate web site, lets take a speedy look at a live affiliate program. This will help us better comprehend what the visitors to your site will experience plus provide you with a further foundation to build your affiliate business.
For our example i have selected because it's four of the more reliable affiliate programs, the affiliate network i am using strongly supports the program plus the web site relates to the content of Making currency Online with The web site allows members to sell wholesale items directly from a warehouse to the ebay buyer using easy to use ebay auction templates. The seller does not require to manage any inventory or spend any time making multiple auctions.
When your site visitor clicks on the link or ad, they will be forwarded to the affiliate programs landing page.
So, let's assume you take our example & make a web-site related to online auctions. You do some research & offer a potential visitor some free useful information (See our Make money With Online Auctions page for an example). You also tell them about the affiliate program you have selected & suggest they try it out. In your links you place the affiliate code that your network will give you.
If your visitor decides to try the product out, the affiliate program will credit you your commission. Most CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) affiliate programs offer a commission anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00 per customer that you refer to them.
From there, your visitor can look over the information that the affiliate program is offering & decide if it is something they need to try or not. In this case, the affiliate program clearly states that the user can make up to $3,000 on ebay each month & that their product is free.
Now that you understand the the routine that a visitor will go through when they click on an ad using two of your affiliate programs, you will be able to better design your website to "pipe" your traffic through the ad. Next you will need to generate your web-site.
As you can see, the more visitors that you refer to the affiliate, the more money you will make. Imagine referring 100 people each month to an affiliate program that pays $25.00 per customer. That's an easy $2,500 that you made with little to no effort. You can read more about affiliate marketing here.

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