Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Successful Blogging tips

Update your Blog Daily

This may be important to you if you value stats. It’s not vital, but it’s nice practice to update your blog regularly. By offering new content, your visitors will keep coming back.

Make your Feed Easy to Subscribe to

When I discover a new blog, the first thing I do is subscribe in the RSS feed. If the feed isn’t easily available, a less patient person might skip over your blog . I read that plenty of “webmasters” & bloggers do. Bloggers are busy, keep everything as easy as possible.

The first place a new reader will look is to the about page of your blog. Unless they start reading your blog on your first post, they require to get caught up. Make sure your about category is informative & descriptive. Tell them what your blog is about, without boring them to stop reading.

Make an About Section

The way i have started reading several blogs, & even found a few authors, was because they found me first. Then, they started commenting on our blog regularly. The more you see a person, the more inclined you are to visit their site. 90% of the people (ever) who has left a comment on comment friday, got a personal blog visit by me. This has turned in to blogs I read & contribute to often. Get noticed!

Comment on Other Blogs

but, DO NOT SPAM. that is key. By leaving genuine comments this not only gives you link love, but you are also contributing to their blog. I often contribute comments on blogs with do follow & top comment lists & it's definitely boosted our blog rankings.

Comment on Blogs with Do Follow & Top Comment Lists

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

You seldom know you may make the front page of digg, or get 1,000 stumbles from stumbleupon. Stumbleupon gives us a huge boost in traffic every month. If you like our posts, make sure to give them a stumble!

My favorite is still mybloglog. Our community generally sends us 100-200 visitors per month. they have built a great community with little effort. However, i have noticed a small decline in mybloglog since it first was created. there is a lot of competition now, it can’t hurt to try them as well

Join Blogging Networks

If someone is offering a free linkback for mentioning their blog why not? if they have a pagerank 5, & you are new & don’t have four yet.
Or perhaps a blog is trying out a blog carnival & are looking for posts that have to do with apples. You happen to write a post on apples. Go ahead & submit it. The more links to your article the better. Both ideas are a great way to build more links & traffic to your blog.

Take Part in Blog Promotions

Be Friendly

Last, but not least. Be friendly. People will be more inclined to link to you if you are nice. If people feel like they know who you are, & would consider you their friend. Try posting a picture of yourself, & make sure to respond to the majority of comments. i am less likely to comment on a blog that seldom answers previous comments I’ve made.

There you have it, my 10 quick tips turned out to be lengthy, but I hope they help anyone!

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